Imaginary Windows issue no. 4

This issue is a perzine about my bicycle, gender, inheriting stories, amazing art, Brooklyn, recipes, and my heart. It's been many years since I put out a copy of IW, and I must say, I feel that this is my best zine ever. I'm so proud of it.

*40 pages, quarter size
Cost: $2
(paypal fees added, alas)

or you can send $2 concealed cash + a 44 ¢ stamp to: PO Box 350 / NY, NY 10013



Ribbon & Ink

A quarter-sized art zine.
Another zine in the vain of Twine & Postage. This zine makes use of the magic of letterpress, gocco, Xerox, a sewing machine, an antique typewriter, lots of ephemeral embellishments, and of course, bits of ribbon and ink. Each one is hand-sewn and uniquely embellished. Signed and editioned, I will not make any more after these 40 are gone. Imagined: August 2005 Released March: 2006

Cost: $5


Twine & Postage

A quarter sized art zine. Each one is hand-sewn and uniquely embellished. No 2 alike. Two editions.
First edition released: April 2004. Second edition: released: August 2005.
Cost: $3-$5


Imaginary Windows issue no. 3
A bit of bohemia runs through the entire zine:
-Chai Tea delight
-A girly centerfold: Lauren Bacall and Louise Brooks
-stories and wonder
-a liberal lady visits the shooting range
-Subway sound poem
-The Secrets of Travel
-the art of Unica Zurn
and much more!!!!

The cover and first page are the design work of the splendid Jennie Hinchcliff!!

*26 page half size


Imaginary Windows issue no. 2

the doll issue:
-Why Tattoo?
-My Adventures in XXX: Lacy Sweet Nothing
-Hot Chocolate Decadence
-My imaginary conversation with Hans Bellmer
-Deconstructing Kissing Jessica Stein
-Gender as a Choose-Your-Own Adventure Story
-Eulogy for a Bear
-& more!

the logistics...
*26 page half size


Imaginary Windows issue no.1

The contents
-Tea Party Riots
-How to Change your Name
-reclaiming 'Queer'
-an unsent letter
-speculations about coffee lid politics
-The power of the feminine
-thoughts on why Frida should not have been made into a movie
-et cetera

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